Forward to Restoring the Dance: Seeking God's Order

This book, Restoring the Dance, is long overdue. It is an excellent presentation, explanation, revelation, and defense for the restoration of the fine art of dancing unto the Kind of kings in the Church.

The fine arts were not discovered and brought forth by satan, nor by any of his workers. Creativity does not belong to works of satan, but to God. God is the Creator, and He created every expression of art, beauty, and splendor. Therefore the fine arts were created by our God and are to be brought forth in the Church, the Body of Christ.

Fuchsia Pickett and Ann

Because of tradition, the religious laws of man's legalism and denominationalism, the art of dance for the King was stolen by the enemy. It is glorious to know God is restoring everything that satan, the thief, has stolen and desecrated. The arts are being restored in beauty and honor unto our God and in the highest expressions of worship. Dance is a part of that restoration.

Ann has so ably presented in her book, Restoring the Dance, a sound, scholarly, biblical study of the dance that is much needed by all who are seeking to move into a freer, higher expression of worship. It will be especially helpful for those whom God is calling to lead His people into this realm of worship.

I recognized the call of God to the dance ministry in Ann, and I have supported and encouraged her to follow her calling and to write this book that she has wanted so much to bring to the Body of Christ. I am very impressed with the final manuscript of this much needed revelation to the Body of Christ

Dr. Fuchsia T. Pickett