Ann Stevenson

Ann Stevenson - Director
Ann has been happily married since 1976, and a mother of three. She has been teaching dance for thirty-four years and is a licensed minister.  Her mother owned her own dance school and she was raised at the studio, taking classes starting at the age of three.  At sixteen, she began to teach under her mother's supervision, and at nineteen year of age, she opened her own dance studio.

In 1979, Ann had a spiritual awakening, creating an unquenchable desire to serve God with everything in her life.  She wholeheartedly decided to give up her dance school because she could not see how it had anything to do with glorifying God.  As she sought to know God through the Bible, however, she surprisingly discovered many scriptures on dance and began to do a biblical study which, over many years, lead to the writing of her bestselling book, "Restoring the Dance, Seeking God's Order".  Ann began to see that she was not to give up the dance but to give it to God and to restore it to His glory.  Dance in her life became no longer about the dance itself, but it was now about God.  In 1987, she started "Restored to Glory Dance Ministry, School of Worship" with forty dancers.  Today, more than eighteen years later, it has grown into one of the largest Christian dance ministries in the nation with well over 200 dedicated Christian dancers, operating a branch in Michigan and Indiana.

Bethany Nykamp - Assistant Director
Bethany (Lutz) Nykamp was one of the first students of Restored to Glory Dance Ministry when it started in 1987. She was six years old at that time. Bethany showed herself to be a faithful student and someone after God's heart. At the age of 14, she began as an apprentice teacher. By 16, she was teaching her own classes. Through a God-appointed Elijah/Elisha relationship with Ann, Bethany has advanced in leadership to a principal teacher and choreographer, assisting in every aspect of the dance company. Bethany married Miles Nykamp in 2004.



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